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Haribo Repackage

HARIBO Repackage

The gummy candy that began in a kitchen in Bonn Germany by Hans Regal Sr. is now a world renowned international brand. The iconic original gummy-bear candy has transformed into a cultural phenomenon via the appropriation of artists in luxury novelty items and pop culture.  


Evolutionary Approaches

Using existing brand assets to refresh the look and feel of the house-hold international brand to reach back to its roots while catching the attentions of loyal buyers and changing consumer base alike. The project first takes on a refresh of the incumbent plastic bag. Reframing the product window and using a more sophisticated material reframes the product in the viewer’s eye and elevates the candy.

Below is the original packaging and the evolutions in it’s refreshment.


The Revolutionary Approach

The re-imagined end product.

Unlike the previous designs, the following plastic container displays the product in an elegant half-wrapped label. Following the idea of reframing through the packaging, a narrow container that fits right into your hands, and into your pockets is created to house the colourful candy, which should be rightfully front and centre. The new design below is a handful of fun!


A few more mock-ups show the possibilities of branding for different flavours and using the brand equities in a fun way.